Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mentalgongfu comes out kicking and punching

Mentalgongfu is now on the net!

Mentalgongfu is a forum for critical thinking and astute observations, intended to slice through the illusions of the temporal world and conquer the lies, disinformation and banal distractions which permeate our mental environment.

Mentalgongfu is exercise for the mind; an art form of fighting with thoughts and ideas, words and wisdom, philosophy and logic. Reason in a world of treason.

The real battles are always fought in the mind.

Mentalgongfu began its life as a series of columns with varying titles, before becoming Mental Kung Fu, published in The Ray, the student newspaper of Central College in Pella, Iowa, from 1999-2003. Some of the later articles can be found at Mental Kung Fu has continued through today (July 30, 2005) in the form of correspondence to friends and colleagues, letters to the editor in various newspapers and in as-yet-unpublished writings from the author.

This is the official and informal re-immersion of Mental Kung Fu, under a slightly different (and more authentic) title. I have much to say and share with you all, dear readers. In the coming days and weeks you should see more content coming online as the blog takes shape and I learn more about web-based publishing. I hope to eventually have a full-fledged website (once I learn how to build one).

I look forward to exploring the possibilities of this revolutionary medium for mass communication. My mind is racing with ideas. . . it is too early to give a clear view of how Mentalgongfu will evolve, since the scope at this time is wide open. However, as with the original Mental Kung Fu, Mentalgongfu is pledged to truth, justice and reason, along with a little bit of humor, since I am a cynical, sarcastic bastard.

"If you want to be seen, stand up. If you want to be heard, speak out"
-Edgardo "Ace" Acevado

Peace love

-Jeremy Alan Huss
Creator and author, Mentalgongfu


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