Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Average Joe Knows

We live under a one-party system

I've got this friend named Average Joe.
Average Joe agrees, the system is screwed up.

Average Joe would like to see an honest government.
Average Joe supports low taxes, fiscal responsibility, little interference (government or otherwise) in his life, border security, freedom, education, and the chance to make a buck.
Average Joe likes to drink clean water and breathe fresh air.
Average Joe supports decent wages, families and the Constitution.

Average Joe knows most of the politicians are full of shit.

I ask him everytime I see him, and he always agrees, politicians are liars. They're greedy and deceitful. They've got lobbyists and parties and multi-million dollar campaigns with half-baked advertisements designed to twist Joe's brain.

They talk about fiscal responsibility but they keep spending all Joe's money, and congratulating themselves for their generosity.

Average Joe realizes something is wrong.

Average Joe knows, it's not Party or Race
but Class and the Throne

It's not that which you reap,
but that which you sow

Average Joe knows
It comes and it goes
You have only so much control
When you’re hanging low
on the totem pole

Average Joe walked by the corner store;
It wasn’t there anymore
But Average Joe was above-average smart;
So he went to the Wal Mart
And blew it apart

- Nah, I’m kidding -
just a fart in the place,
In some old lady’s face,
Cause he was angry but not suicidal

Average Joe didn’t know
He wasn’t alone
Joes were farting all over the place

They were angry at all they could think of
And everything was a disgrace
But they farted in hiding and secret
Afraid of the fart-smeller’s face


"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not after you; and just because you're crazy doesn't mean that you are wrong"

-Kurt Cobain and I


At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe don't know jack.


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