Monday, August 01, 2005

On the nature of conspiracy

Conspiracy is a word which has been much abused and defamed in the American psyche. “Conspiracy” has so often been associated with “theory,” and the two so often associated together as a synonym for the product of some nutcase who believes his neighbor is beaming voices into his head with the radio antenna on his Ford Bronco, that it has lost any real meaning to the minds of most Americans. Upon the first utterance of the word conspiracy, Americans immediately imagine some far-off and otherworldly event, something so far from reality it is laughable.

But conspiracies are all too real.
A conspiracy happens any time two or more people team up, in secret, to pull an illegal stunt. I witness conspiracy frequently in my line of work, as the judicial system is not afraid to use the word, knowing its legitimate definition. To conspire means to collude, to act in unison or agreement and in secret towards a deceitful or illegal purpose; "The two companies conspired to cause the value of the stock to fall". Conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, conspiracy to distribute marijuana, conspiracy to defraud the government, etc.

Conspiracies happen many places, but they are seldom as well defined as in drug prosecutions.

Yet, many Americans still laugh, still cringe and cower away, still deny any notion of conspiracy within our own government. Americans refuse to even consider the possibility, in the face of often overwhelming evidence, that the official story is nothing more than a 10 pound bag of bullshit in a 5 pound bag, labeled Sugar, drawing maggots and flies while decomposing in the cupboard.

Americans, as a whole, refuse to consider lies about the U.S.S. Maine precipitating the Spanish-American War, lies about Pearl Harbor (WWII), lies about Tonkin Gulf (Vietnam), lies about Iran Contra, lies about Oklahoma City, lies about Ruby Ridge and Waco, lies about 9-11 and in our recent past, lies about Iraq. In the present day, we endure lies about London. And we are beginning gulp lies about Iran to precipitate further war in the oil-rich Middle East.

All this, despite the Kennedy Assassination. If you believe the Magic Bullet Theory, I’d like to tell you how you can earn up to $5,000 weekly stuffing envelopes from your own home.

And yet, Americans have swallowed (ignoring the bitter aftertaste), the ultimate conspiracy theory. That a 6-foot-6-inch tall fanatical Muslim, living in a cave in remote Afghanistan, orchestrated the alleged events of 9-11 and countless other incidents of international violence using a global network of America-hating fanatical Muslims called Al-Quaida (supposedly translated as "the database"), who form small and leaderless “terror cells” and infiltrate the west, hiding for years until they are “activated” and then killing themselves and others in order that they might be martyred and live in Heaven with 72 virgins, and that the "terrorists" do all this without being traced under the watchful eye of global satellites, communications monitoring and all aspects of the Echelon program until after the fact. The obvious solution, of course, is to scrutinize Americans more intensely and to make war on majority Islamic nations, calling it a Crusade.

Swallowed: That “radical Muslims” are angry at us because we have freedom, and that is why they strap bombs to themselves and hijack airplanes. Swallowed, despite the fact the Koran forbids suicide. Swallowed, despite the fact that Osama was, about 20 years ago, an ally to whom the good ol’ USA supplied weapons, such as RPGs, and training, to fight Russia in Afghanistan.

Swallowed: the link to Iraq. Swallowed, despite the fact that about 20 years ago Saddam too was a good buddy, gassing Kurds as he fought our enemy Iran. Swallowed, despite the fact Saddam ran a secular dictatorship and was considered by Osama to be an enemy of Islam.

Swallowed: that America must bring unprovoked war upon an “Axis of Evil” (Iraq, Iran, North Korea. Iran is next.) and upon “terrorists everywhere.” Swallowed, that to do so Grandma must have her shoes scanned for explosives at the airport while illegal aliens run freely across our borders, that all Americans must have RFID chips in drivers licenses (see REAL ID ACT), and that foreigners in funny coats can be shot on site.

George Bush, and many others, claim “terrorists” (read:Muslims) hate us because of our freedom. I guess that’s why the administration is dismantling civil liberties at every chance it gets, and creating opportunities where none occur naturally. Eliminating American freedom would effectively neutralize the terror threat. Don’t get me wrong, John Kerry is no better, he’s in on the game. So are all the other King’s Men and misguided/manipulated would-be heroes who claim honor and charity while serving only their own interests. More on that later, tentatively titled “The Two-Headed Dragon.”

As a result of the negative connotations of the word conspiracy, many in the alternative media have taken the habit of using other terms, such as cabal, gang, criminal thugs, and other more creative linguistic devices.

I, myself, prefer Conspiracy. And conspiracies are not hard to find, whether they be two 16-year old kids planning to sell two ounces of dope, or two corporate heads planning to fix oil prices under the table.

In later columns, I expect the idea of conspiracy will reappear frequently. Remember, Dear Readers, what a conspiracy is, and recall that many alleged criminals are convicted, sometimes to death, solely on circumstantial evidence.



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