Friday, December 16, 2005

Chemtrail blindness

I wrote this letter to a group I'm in, and I thought it would translate here as well.
America will never get anywhere until we challenge the myths which empower criminal leaders to bleed the citizens of the Union dry.

Chemtrail blindness is a small part of a greater institutional indoctrination. Any serious movement to "awaken people," as it were, must recognize the self-imposed barricades by those we would try to awaken.

There are some things we are taught in an organized and deliberate fashion to NOT think about. That same training is now going on with the Cloudscapes stamp set, insertion of chemtrail images into TV, movies, the weather channel and such, and the daily laying of the lines which is habituating the population to believe a chemtrail sky is "normal," simply because they see it often.

One has to get up pretty early to see a clear sky these days.

It is a type of mind control - not the tinfoil hat electromagnetic weapon type, just a stealth rhetorical war to frame a new reality. It is the same type of indoctrination which causes people to say we live in a Democracy, when it is in fact a Republic (if it is still even that). People talk about spreading democracy in Iraq ignorant of the fact we have no democracy here. We do not have "one man, one vote." We have Electors. It is a representative government.

In my opinion, it is the same type of doublethink which allows people to equate the curtailing of civil liberties with "protecting freedom."

It is a type of Disbelief which often crosses the line into fanatical denial. It is at best naive to believe the U.S. Government has ever been so dignified it would not experiment with horrible weapons on its people. Look up info on WWII era nuclear tests or Agent Orange in Vietnam. But many people are not willing to even consider such facts, and it is that same mindset which prohibits them from seeing the skies with their own two eyes. They look but the do not see, they listen but they do not hear.

I've considered the theory chemtrails are somehow to protect us from global warming, but I just don't buy that one. First of all, I never appreciate anyone silently "protecting me" without my knowledge or consent, especially when I'm paying for it. Secondly, I'm no scientist, but it doesn't make logical sense to me. It's like tinted car windows parked in the sun on a summer afternoon. Chemtrails, like tinted windows, may block out some of the sunlight, but the greenhouse effect inside the vehicle and inside the belts of these artificial clouds will cause the temperature to rise.

It would be interesting to find some studies on the effects of barium and aluminum on the body when ingested at high levels through the air and water. I wonder if the elements accumulate in tissue, if there are known effects, etc. Of course, the health effects could be just collateral damage from a greater mission. I wonder about nanotechnology, and the nightmare scenarios which can be envisioned with armies of self-replicating, semi-intelligent, nanoscopic machines.

That's enough for now.



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