Friday, May 19, 2006

SurReal Illusions

Too much to say, too little time.

I've been reading a lot lately.

I've been watching America descend into some of my worst fears,

because I see FEAR! and Man-ipu-1ay-shon on the front of newspaper pages

& in partisan audio & celluloid mazes.

I've felt the Earth rotating and seen the

Moon shifting phases.



"The Horror! The Horror!"
Don't forget Kurtz.
Don't know Kurtz? Learn Kurtz!
You're on the Internet.

Google: "Kurtz"

The Heart of Darkness.

Punctuation is a blessing.
Automatic MS Word grammar check a curse.
Spellcheck - not so sure.

Too much.

Reading my emails, eh?
Tracking my phone calls, then?
Building a fence on the southern border,
with airplane drones & video surveillance, now?

So no one gets in OR gets out?
without the right say-so?

Planning RFID chips in all American passports?
Amazing what can be done with biometrics and GPS. . .

What's next?
Listening to Paul Harvey's personal conversations?
Flagging Al Gore's passport on the "Terrorist Watch List"?

If only it looked that good.

Are you ready for Condi Vs. Hillary '08?
How about Jeb Bush Vs. Token Democratic Strawman?
(Just my second guess. I've no real evidence Kerry is running again).

How many years will we fight in Iraq before Congress abides
the Constitution and declares war?

If history is the judge, it's been nigh on 50 years, since Congress agreed to call any American war a "War" in declaration.

Police actions, military exercises, & peacekeeping
missions are what we get.

Watch out.

"Please beware of potential terrorists and report any potential
terrorist threat to the local authorities.
Terrorists can be both male and female, or even transgendered.
Terrorists can come in any size, color and shape:
they can seem mild mannered or outrageous;
they can be quiet or rambunctious;

Anyone could be a terrorist, and that's why "The Guvmunt" has to investigate everyone."

Murderers are often described by neighbors and acquaintances as quiet-types who don't really bother anyone.

So Patriotic, Freedom-Loving Americans should be especially wary of people who mind their own business and don't bother anyone.

Terrorists are everywhere. It could be anyone.
It could be your boss. It could be your best friend.

Absurdity is important.

It's time for bed.



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