Thursday, August 04, 2005

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A thought for Americans to ponder:

Bombs go off in London July 7, and America watches. Bombs go off in London July 21, and America watches. Bombs go off in Baghdad everyday, but no one pays too much attention anymore.

I notice it myself. Even I have developed the habit of skimming stories about violence in Iraq, rather than reading all the details, like I used to. Has it become that normal? Two years after declaring victory in Iraq, the casualties mount, the war continues, and the Troops remain, but Americans have chosen to focus on other things; I dare not attempt to list them all, but the Michael Jackson trial and the missing Holloway girl in Aruba are good examples of stories which have pre-empted attention from events with much farther-reaching consequences.

These stories(MJ and Aruba) are significant in their own right, but they are used as distractions, particularly on "TV News," which is essentially an oxymoron. They are distractions from the events in Iraq and Afghanistan, and from cases such as the investigation of special prosecuter Patrick Fitzgerald into the White House CIA leak, which appears to lead to the upper levels of the current administration, and relates directly to the War in Iraq.



At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very good comments JAH. A quick thought:

Regardless of the reasons our leaders took us to war, please never forget our troops. This comment is not directed at you, but rather others that may be reading and contemplating our situation over there. It is unfortunate that many in our country have gotten so cynical to start feeling contempt for the troops (much like in Vietnam), or armed services in general. These are very good men and women that are performing a service many of them do not want to do, but in the name of their families..friends and country. I find it very hard to ignore the bombings/events over there, as I have friends and co-workers tied up in the mix.


At 4:39 PM, Anonymous daryl aretz said...

Was anyone really surprised to find out that our government (read: Repulicans and Democrats) lied to us about our 'war' in Iraq and that everyone in charge knew they were lying? Actions such as these used to be cause for impeachment. Now, it's a topic (read: joke) for 5 different 'news' shows. Oh, and look up 'treason' while you're at it. See if anyone you know of falls into THAT particular category. I suggest we punish THEM the proper way for that. People of America unite! Register to vote, even if you feel your voice doesn't count! I'm not suggesting you vote, but if you don't register you can't create a petition or sign someone else's. And the Constitution GIVES US THE RIGHT to petition our government if it is doing a bad job. Register and make your voice heard the way our forefathers planned for in case we ended up IN THE EXACT SITUATION WE ARE IN NOW! IMPEACH! LET NO TRAITOROUS ACT STAND!

And for those of you who think I am maligning our troops, you are right. They are just 'doing their job'. And that is exactly the reason they should not be allowed to do so. Blind following of stupid leaders is NOT justification for evil action. They are all responsible adults who can see that their actions are wrong. I have friends and relatives who are fighting (and almost dying) in the Middle East, and I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR THEM. Message to our troops: Stand up for yourselves! Use the backbone your leaders don't have! Talk back! Get thrown in the stockade! Fill the brig to the brim! These people you are killing have done NOTHING to you! YOU are the enemy! The civilians don't need your help or protection! Let the stupid bastards kill their own enemies!
Eventually we can show these despots (read: Bush, Congress) that this behavior is unacceptable, and push them back into the slimy pits they oozed out of. Then maybe the rest of us can plan for a future.


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