Friday, September 23, 2005

Recommended Reading - Freemasonry

Mentalgongfu Recommended Reading

I'll try to make this a regular feature. There are too many intriguing things in this world for me to adequately cover on my own; Recommended Reading ideally will be an adjunct to the content I post, reflecting subjects which have sparked my interest. It is impossible for me to post all my wild thoughts and observations and continue to maintain a life with some sense of normalcy.

There are many layers to the Onion. And you will cry as you peel them back. An interesting fact related to the discussion is that the U.S. Congress has not officially declared war for more than forty years, despite "The Vietnam War" and the Iraq War," (among many) which have been declared "police actions." Interestingly enough, the Constitution of the United States of America gives the power to declare war only to the Congress. The Congress has abdicated its responsibility for so long that those of my generation have no idea what the Constitution really says. Those of the passing generations realize the Constitution was usurped long ago.

Realize that the left and the right, as political machines, have the same goal. Communists and Neo-cons only pretend to argue. One world, one government, one religion.

Novus ordo seclorum; A New Order for the Ages.

Please keep in mind that Mentalgongfu does not necessarily agree with every idea/opinion expressed by the sources which may be referenced now and in the future. Mentalgongfu believes in the necessity of the reader to possess or develop the analytical ability to discern the validity of information for themselves. When Mentalgongfu has a strong opinion on the reliability of information presented, such opinion will be expressed in earnest.
My opinion of the following website is this: it is worth reading.
  • Freemasonry Watch

  • Freemasonry is a daunting subject to tackle.
    I have spent much time researching the subject, and I have yet to learn enough to declare myself reasonably "knowledgeable." Without a doubt, I have learned much, but as the Masonic Rites teach, knowledge has many levels, and the keys to Masonic rituals are intentionally vague and symbolic. My first serious research on Masonry was inspired after coming across a freemasonry magazine, "Scottish Rite Journal" at Genesis West Hospital in Davenport, IA while a friend was hospitalized (in our wonderful assembly-line, insurance-based, compassion-devoid medical system).

    After visiting the official Scottish Rite website ( listed in the March/April 2004 edition of the magazine, where I observed pictures of the Masons' House of the Temple in Washington DC and read some writings from Albert Pike, Confederate leader and 33rd degree Mason, I was struck with a dark feeling that the world I imagined to live in was quite different from that which actually exists.

    The acknowledged and espoused history and doctrines of Freemasonry are enough to give chills to any lover of liberty or any God-fearing man or woman. I shudder to think of what the organization holds secret, considering what they allow into the public domain.

    The Masons declare the true knowledge of "the craft" is hidden in symbolism and decipherable only by the adept.

    Of particular interest to me were two statues on either side of the Washington D.C. temple which is the apex of Freemasonry in this nation. One is called Wisdom, with eyes open only halfway. The other is called Power, with eyes fully open. wisdom, full power. By keeping the eyes of the world half-blind, Power can exercise it's influence unhindered.

    While discussing the subject with my now ex-girlfriend, I noticed intermittent clicking on the phone line - An oft-referenced sign of the monitoring of telephonic communications. Perhaps nothing, but I had mentioned during the conversation, in close proximity, keywords such as Masons, Illuminati, Presidents, Washington D.C., Terrorist, 9-11, etc.

    The Echelon program, which is reported to be the codename for the U.S.-based system to track and collect electronic communications worldwide, is said to operate on such a keyword system. Indeed, any monitoring of mass communications would have to be formulated with such a keyword format. There simply isn't enough cash to adequately support enough employees to monitor in real-time that many phone calls and emails.

    But an algorithmic system which relates certain key words and phrases to one another would be a logical step to monitor communications. For example, the mention of words related to an attack (bomb, shooting, etc.) in conjunction with mention of government officials or entities, would be picked up as a communication in need of further analysis by "intelligence agencies" and "anti-terrorist" forces. Flagged communications would then be recorded and monitored by information agents.

    The above site is a good place to start to explore Freemasonry and its implications in the United States of America.

    When one examines the historical documents, such as the physical and Internet libraries available at Wheaton College of Illinois, it becomes difficult to avoid questions like "What are these secret societies up to?"

    If you can provide any examples of endeavors to benefit humanity which have been conducted in secret, I would relish the opportunity to consider such. As far as I can tell, using my uncommon sense and rationality, people usually keep secrets for a reason. You don't hide unless you're afraid of something.

    Past President John Quincy Adams said:
    "I saw a code of Masonic legislation adapted to prostrate every principle of equal justice and to corrupt every sentiment of virtuous feeling in the soul of him who bound his allegiance to it.

    "I saw the practice of common honesty, the kindness of Christian benevolence, even the abstinence of atrocious crimes; limited exclusively by lawless oaths and barbarous penalties, to the social relations between the Brotherhood and the Craft. I saw slander organize into a secret, widespread and affiliated agency....I saw self-invoked imprecations of throats cut from ear to ear, of hearts and vitals torn out and cast off and hung on spires. I saw wine drunk from a human skull with solemn invocation of all the sins of its owner upon the head of him who drank it."



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    There is no real evidence to prove that cannibalism has ever happened in the history of man. It says so in the Bible.
    God hates you, Mr. Huss. You are sinning by slandering those who do God's will.

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    Maybe Wisdom just smoked a little too much.


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