Thursday, May 25, 2006

Killing for Christ

Doesn't that just say it all?

To the adept, it must.

"Brevity is the art of communication," a friend said.

He was right.

But no, it doesn't say enough. Not for all. Not even for me. People want to read a little more than that, want to hear something deeper than that. People want some explanation, some digression. They don't want a Zen koan or some haiku, some abstract-go-think-about-that kind-of-thing.

Or rather, they do, but then they want more.

People want Something Deep, not just superficially Deep, or Deep-seeming.
Not something that's only Deep on the surface.

Deep on the Surface.
Go think about that for a while.

Implicit contradictions.

Killing for Christ. Hurrah . . .

Just dab a little white-out on a couple Commandments
and make sure the Google cache is down.

Absurdity can be the best (and sometimes only) vehicle for truth in an age of institutional madness.

Aberration. Anomaly. Praise be.

This is key.

Millions think America
Can run on Cruise Control

That's why there's
so many Hit-and-Runs.

That's what happens when you
Let your cousin Larry take the wheel.

He's an okay Guy, but not Quite Right in the Head.
Not to be mean, but He might be a Little brain Dead.

You know what I mean?

If I had Kids I wouldn't worry about Pornography
It's the TV Nooze that's really Obscene

And if I ever meet Nancy Grace in a Dark Alley
I'll wish I never mentioned it on the Internet.

Killing for Christ. Hooray . . .

Some people get it,
But not enough Say,
'No more killing shall be done in His or my Name.'

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At 2:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to make sure you saw this little tidbit I thought it dovetailed nicely with your little article here. Very interesting I think sounds a lot like what the Vatican does. But hey maybe that will end the rift between the fundamentalist Christians and the Catholics. Just a thought for you.


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