Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Cash Register

"Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity."
-Marshall McLuhan

The Cash Register
: a short short story

Jim Fisher was on the radio. The city council and Ted Kennedy were evil. It was a Davenport afternoon in the year 2004. She was the nice one with red hair.

The cash register rang up $6.66. She smiled and dropped the items one by one into a plastic bag - a 40 gram package of rolling tobacco, 100 Top filters for 99 cents and a six-pack of Icehouse bottles.

"That's a bad sign," I muttered.

She chuckled.
"I don't believe in that kind of stuff," she proclaimed.

So I shot her, and walked out the door.

"Fiction often brings readers closer to truth than other types of storytelling. Words are weapons, and they matter more than most people realize. Rhetoric is a type of mind-control. Words can own a dull mind or master a sharp one; only the discerning mind can master words and their implications"

-Jeremy Huss

coming soon: The Two-Headed Dragon: how the two-party system and the hateful us-them liberal/conservative rhetoric serves to divide and conquer.

and coming eventually: the culmination of a long-term research project: an expose on Verichip and its related companies plan to implant the world with RFID microchips. To learn more yourself, search for Applied Digital Solutions, Digital Angel and Verichip.


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous John H said...

I love it when stories have a happy ending.


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