Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Contrail vs. chemtrail

"The truth is out there"

On the day I left for Texas, at the end of September, I stopped at the Zippy Lube for a last-minute oil change. The bastard planes were out painting the skies again, leaving miles of artificial clouds in a depressing gray mass across my blue sky.

I struck up a friendly conversation with the mechanic. He told me about his old days in the military, stationed in Kansas, and how he and some buddies drove up to Maine and back on a four day leave and sent their commander a postcard. He had once told them “Don’t ever try to drive to Maine on a four-day leave because it can’t be done.” The mechanic said the look on the guy’s face when he got that postcard was worth all the extra duty they got.

The mechanic and I shot the breeze while his buddy emptied the oil, but I was focused on the sky most of the time.. What the hell, I thought. “You ever wonder what those planes are doing leaving all those trails in the sky?” I asked. He looked up momentarily from my engine toward the sky, but I guess it didn’t look as odd to him as it did to me.

“I think that’s from the water vapor of the jet engine, when it condenses” he replied.

Yeah…. I trailed off. I left it that. He was only half wrong. Contrails are water vapor from a jet engine. Chemtrails are something else.
See earlier posts for more info.

The following photos include both contrails and chemtrails. Can you guess which is which?

This is not what I remember the sky looking like when I was growing up.
How about you?


Watch the skies.


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