Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Iowa and the Journey to the Center of the Earth

Other Guy [10:58 PM]: you logged on?
Other Guy [10:58 PM]: http://theantechamber.net/XArchives/VKDArchive.html#AnchorBBC
Mentalgongfu [10:58 PM]: hello
Mentalgongfu [10:58 PM]: what's at the link?

Other Guy [10:59 PM]: this vk durham thing is interesting
Other Guy [10:59 PM]: aparently she is the widow of some Russell Hermann
Other Guy [11:00 PM]: ...according to V. K. Durham, who told us, "Russell did more than two 20-year hitches in all five branches of the military. It would have meant a lot to me; but Clinton’s people destroyed his files and Senator Grassley and his aides obstructed the investigation."
Other Guy [11:01 PM]: Several U.S. intelligence agents spoke privately with Durham, informing her that the Cantor-Fitzgerald files identifying the bogus bonds were lost in what suppressed 9.11 television news footage in slow motion shows was a controlled demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC 7; moreover, ONI officials themselves--some of whom were probing the fraudulent 10-year debt instruments allegedly held by Cantor-Fitzgerald in the doomed North Tower--also perished along with the investigation files, all of which were curiously in the path of the 9.11 Pentagon impact.

Mentalgongfu [11:06 PM]: i looked for the grassley interview on kuni but its not up yet. you should have heard it. He unskillfully evaded questions about downing street memo, "pork sandwiches," social security fraud in congress, and more
Other Guy [11:07 PM]: how long lord how long
Mentalgongfu [11:07 PM]: it was great
Mentalgongfu [11:08 PM]: it was obvious he is full of shit. people are angry.

Other Guy [11:08 PM]: vk durham seems to be an interesting character
Mentalgongfu [11:08 PM]: who is vk durham
Other Guy [11:08 PM]: wife of colonel russell hermann
Other Guy [11:08 PM]: lives in iowa someone where
Other Guy [11:09 PM]: obviously connected to the vk durham trust fund that we here about every now and then
Other Guy [11:09 PM]: funny money

Mentalgongfu [11:13 PM]: there seem to be many clandestine things in iowa. more than one might expect. odd connections. maybe that's why we're still the first democratic caucus.
Other Guy [11:13 PM]: our walls don't have as many ears

Mentalgongfu [11:16 PM]: perhaps. I learned an interesting fact today. Apparently Union Pacific railroad (and presumably other railroads) now rely on laser sights to trigger the lights and bars at public crossings. Inside the same boxes with the lasers is equipment which records the speed of each vehicle which goes over the tracks and takes a picture of the license plate!

i heard this from a retired UP worker at a small town city council meeting. It just came up in conversation with the townsfolk.
Other Guy [11:17 PM]: nice
Mentalgongfu [11:21 PM]: i'm going to try and do a newspaper story about it. it will be interesting territory. but i thrive when i'm up against liars.
Other Guy [11:21 PM]: you should be doing well then
Mentalgongfu [11:21 PM]: he he
Mentalgongfu [11:22 PM]: check this out- i got a box of 100 copies of the pocket constitutions of the united states and iowa thanks to my correspondence with the iowa civil liberties union
Mentalgongfu [11:22 PM]: i gave one to everyone at work today.
gov't officials are next.
Other Guy [11:23 PM]: keep a couple for me
Mentalgongfu [11:23 PM]: sure thing.
Mentalgongfu [11:24 PM]: i have a feeling i'll go through them quickly. i'll have to ask for more.


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