Friday, June 30, 2006

Storm brewing

Here is shown some crazy clouds over DeWitt, Iowa from Tuesday, June 20. The Cedar Rapids Gazette featured a number of reader-submitted photos of odd clouds in a storm front over the state.

And finally! I'm able to post pictures again!!!
This is excellent news.

Been a damn long time. Blogger was giving me photo errors for many months, which is one of the reasons my postings here have been in decline. Now that the power of imagery is back in my hands (worth 1000 words and all, ya understand), I might pick up the pace a little. I'm making no promises, mind you.

Another image, in the other direction. Check out the corn, too. Growing good. This line of clouds stretched for miles as far as the eyes can see, and beyond. I drove about 30 miles of the stretch. Might put a few more cloud pics up here as time allows. This was really amazing stuff.


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