Monday, August 08, 2005

Terror Alert Orange

Terror Alert: Elevated and High

I was reminded of the terror alert by the Fox News ticker during the Bill O'Reilly show yesterday, during a segment on new details re: the Natalie Holloway/Aruba case, shortly after a ticker item referencing suspected somethings-or-others.

Fox, the only TV news station to continue use of the color-coded terror alert system on a daily basis, performs a valuable service. So do all the newspapers which print daily the current terror alert level.

I, in my insulated world of London bombs and promises of a WMD strike against the "Homeland" (beware the attack 'simulations'), had forgotten what colors and words I am supposed to use to define my everyday existence.

Let me repeat them:

Terror alert orange; transportation industries such as subways, buses and trains are HIGH.
Terror alert yellow; everyone else is just ELEVATED.

The terror alert level has never fallen below elevated since its creation following the events of September 11, 2001.

I had forgotten
I needed
to elevate
my alertness
of terror

Am I supposed to be looking for bearded men in heavy coats?

According to the International Association of Police Chiefs, I am.

What do I do when Winter comes? I like my beard and I don't want to freeze to death, though it might be better than a bullet in the head.



At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You fucking liberal kook. Don't you understand they want to kill us here before we get them there?

You're probably one of those ACLU-loving America-hating imbeciles. Grown ups vote Republican, dumbass.

Everythings' a conspiracy with you people- the vice president works for an oil company, that oil company gets a high-value contract in oil-rich Iraq, and you automatically assume there's some bs going on.

that's capitalism, baby. you're just jealous, cause the people making the money wear suits and you're in tattered rags.


-Justin Pissenfield

At 6:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, nothing like some good two-way communication to let everyone see exactly what both sides of an issue are.
Having been charged with domestic terrorism (for an UNLIT ROMAN CANDLE!), and knowing someone else who also has (for launching bottle rockets!) I can most assuredly say that we should all be terrified of the world around us. The white man are coming to get you! And if they can make a buck at it, they'll get you while your back is turned! Fear the white man! Get them where they sleep! Get them before they get you!


This is the Mark of Cain, and God said they all need to be destroyed. He's waiting, Christians. Do God's work.

At 1:33 AM, Anonymous Justin Pissenfield said...

What a shame anonymous.

I gather - since you only said you were charged - that you and your friend were never convicted of domestic terrorism.

Bottle rockets and unlit Roman Candles should never be allowed in the hands of people like you. You're obviously a reverse-racist and a legitimate terrorist target. Maybe it's too hard to wrap your moral-equivalency brain around it, but if you ain't with us you're agin' us.

I mean, if "white men" are the problem like you say, how come we've been running the civilized world for ages? how many americans do you see going to mexico?


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