Saturday, August 20, 2005

Chemtrails over Iowa

If you want to hide something, put it in plain view.

For a brief introduction to "chemtrails" or "aerosol trails" see my previous post Worth a Thousand Words.

Davenport, Iowa May 22, 2005

from the Green Space in northwest Davenport.

Just a few minutes later, from a different angle:.

from a field off Northwest Boulevard looking northwest:

from Kwik Shop on 53rd Street near North High School, looking northeast:

from my backyard. This picture helps to put it in perspective. A plane in progress of leaving a trail next to one which has been around for a while.

a close-up of a plane:

from an industrial site on North Carey, looking north toward Mt. Joy area over a baseball field:

Another good comparison:

Another plane close up:

A view of the Green Space from a few blocks away. This looks in the same general direction as the previous Green Space photos but was taken about one block further north on Marquette Street:

Is it sinking in yet?

Zooming in:

Another plane close up:

The overall picture again:

Look up. Look to the skies. Watch the planes and the weather. The operations continue.


At 7:05 PM, Anonymous TERRORandHUBRIS said...

Good work Jeremy, I know no one who works as hard as you to get your information, nice photos.

At 4:22 PM, Anonymous sthomas said...

At first I doubted it. But these photos are intriguing. Having seen the skies over Davenport, Iowa, and comparing them to the skies over rural SE Kansas, I have become convinced. In my little rural corner of Kansas I've never seen contrails, chemtrails or aerosol sprays like those in the skies over Davenport. I'd love to hear what an open-minded meteorologist would say.

At 9:06 PM, Anonymous John H said...

This is interesting, but I'm still quite skeptical. Has anyone tried to obtain an offical explanation for the phenomena? Even if they were covering something up it would be interesting to see what the "offical" story is. Who knows, it might be boring and harmless.

At 9:56 PM, Blogger Mentalgongfu said...


Individuals have tried to obtain an official explanation, which has never been forthcoming. Denial is the name of the game, although no organized movement to my knowledge has exerted any influence on the matter.

Dennis Kucinich is one of the few politicians who has attempted to investigate and prohibit chemtrail activity.

Other private researchers, such as Clifford Carnicom ( and an individual who claims to be a meteorologist ( have investigated the phenomena.

Carnicom documents on his website several official inquiries. His info seems reliable to me. The WeatherWars site is more questionable, but quite intriguing.

The official line, as one might expect, is that chemtrails (or aerosol trails) do not exist. According to NASA and national weather sources, exhibits such as those I have posted show nothing more than "normal contrails."

NASA even has promoted a "contrail count" for young children. On their website, they say "contrails are a special type of cloud," and encourage youth to document contrails. They admit, while denying any conspiratorial claims, that these contrails have a definite impact on weather.

However, I myself have seen classic contrails, i.e. short trails from the engines of jets which dissipate almost immediately, at the same time as activity like that illustrated in my photos.

When one views a "normal contrail" from a jet flying at what appears to be the same altitude of other jets which leave persistent and expanding "contrails," the difference becomes obvious.

I heard of chemtrails long before I became convinced of their existence.

Seeing is believing, and on May 22, 2005, I watched for hours at the Green Space and other locations as these planes flew in one direction to the edge of the horizon and disappeared. Shortly thereafter, planes would return from the direction in which they had left sight. I cannot be completely positive they were the same planes, but I have no reasonable doubt.

After watching the skies carefully since that day, my convictions have only grown stronger. The best proof I can offer is to ask you to watch the skies, particularly in the early morning.

I have other photographic evidence I hope to post soon which may help you evaluate this phenomena. It is a time-lapse look of a chemtrail spray above DeWitt, Iowa.

Regardless, the truth is in such dispute these days, I prefer to rely on what I can discern for myself and others feel the same. If you carefully watch the skies over certain areas, Minneapolis for one, I have no doubt you will come to the conclusion that something is going on.

The purposes, as I have said in earlier posts, are much debated. I do not have the evidence to say with authority what the purpose may be. But I am convinced that the skies and resultingly the weather are deliberately being altered by these aerial activities.



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